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How to Create an External Mitre Joint for Skirting Boards

Published : 8/01/2018 14:00:08
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In this guide, we will showcase how to create an external mitre joint. We have included a step by step guide and a video below:

What tools will I need?

tools external mitre joint

To begin, place the piece of skirting you will be cutting up to the wall so that the edge of the board extends past the corner of the wall by 2-3 inches. Mark the skirting board with a pencil or pen at the point it meets the corner of the wall. Once this marking is made, place an additional marking in the direction that the cut needs to be made. This isn’t a guide for the saw, so no need to be exact- it is to prevent you from cutting in the wrong direction as can easily happen without a marking as a reminder.

 marking external mitre cut

Set the mite saw to cut an angle of 45 degrees in the same direction as the marking you just made on the skirting board. Tip- before you make the cut on the piece of skirting board, perform a test cut on an offcut or piece of scrap to double check everything is correctly set up! Once you apply that the mitre saw is correctly set up to enable the correct cut, cut the piece of skirting board as per the guide marks you initially made.

 cutting external mitre joint

Take the mitred length of skirting board back to the wall and line it up as before. If you are happy that everything is as it should be, set about fixing this in place with either nails, grip adhesive or a combination of both.

 fit external mitre joint first piece

Once the first piece is in position, take the second piece of skirting board and again hold it in position on the opposite side of the external corner (see picture. This time, align the piece FLUSH to the corner of the wall instead of leaving an overhang like you did with the first piece. You are going to make the mitre cut right at the end of this piece, rather than a couple of inches in like before. You should still mark the board to remind you of the correct direction in which to cut the board as you did before.

 Marking second external mitre joint

Once the cut has been made, take the piece of skirting board back to the wall and hold it in position. Align the mitre with that of the first board to check that the joint is correct, and everything lines up as it should.

 Fit 2nd piece of external mitre

Once you are happy with everything, proceed to affix the second piece of skirting board in position as before.

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