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How to join two pieces of skirting board together on a flat wall

Published : 23/10/2017 13:48:39
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If you wish to save on cost and minimise wastage by ordering skirting board which just covers the room size. Then you are likely to need to join two pieces of skirting board together across a flat wall.

In the video below, we show you how to achieve this:

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Marking the Direction of the Cut

Place the first piece of skirting board flush against the wall. Now in some cases, this might be feeding into a corner and require a mitre joint as shown in other videos. However, for the purposes of this video, we will show the method of joining the skirting boards a long a flat wall.

Mark a rough line for the direction of a 45-degree cut.

Marking the cut

Step 2: Making the 45-degree Cut on the Skirting Board

Using a mitre saw or hand saw and mitre box, make a 45 degree cut in the direction of your mark.

making the cut

Step 3: Fixing the Skirting Board

Fix the first piece to the wall using either adhesive, nails or screws. In this example, we use a nail gun to pin to the wall.

fitting skirting board

Step 4: Make the Second Mark on the Skirting Board

Butt up the second piece of skirting board, and make the mark in the same direction of the cut on the other board.

Make second mark

Step 5: Make the Second 45 Degree Cut

Using your mitre saw make the second cut at 45 degrees in the direction of your line.

Second Cut

Step 6: Joining the Skirting Boards Together

Slot the 2nd board into position and make sure the join fits together smoothly. Once in place, fix to the wall.

Fitting board into position

Step 7: Applying a Finish

Using decorators caulk you could smooth over the join and paint it to make a smoother join.

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