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How to Use Architrave to Create a Frame for Your Window

Published : 27/06/2018 13:27:36
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Installing a frame around a window is a great design statement that becomes a natural continuation of your chosen moulding style and helps bring different interior elements together more cohesively.

We've prepared a video guide and a step by step guide below which shows you how to fit architrave around your window.

To begin installing a window frame, you must first mark out where the architrave is to be positioned. To do this, grab a set square and pencil and make regular markings around the perimeter of the window, 5mm from the edge as you would before fitting architrave around a door.

fitting architrave to window

With the markings in place, hold a length of architrave in line with the base of the window, or window sill if the sill is wider than the aperture. Make sure the architrave is in line with the markings on the wall. Make a marking on the architrave length at the point where the vertical wall markings meet the horizontal wall markings to form a corner. This will indicate where to begin your mitre cut.

fitting archi to window frame 2

On the face of the architrave, draw a light pencil marking to indicate the direction of the mitre cut so you do not forget on your way to the saw!

 cutting architrave for window frame

Use a mitre saw to create the 45-degree angle at the top of the length of architrave, cutting this piece to size. Repeat these steps to create the second upright piece.

cutting archi with mitre saw

To fit the top section of the frame (or ‘crossbar’), position a length of architrave across the top of the window horizontally in line with the pencil markings you added initially as a guide. Like before, you now need to mark on the architrave in pencil where the architrave needs to be cut in order for it to be the correct size. As before, mark the face of the architrave to show the direction that the mitre needs to be cut.

architrave top window frame

Once the two uprights and crossbar have been properly cut to size with 45-degree angles, you now need to join the frame together. In the video, we are using an adhesive called Mitre Fast which works very well. Assemble the frame by glueing all 3 sections together and allow the glue to set.

glueing architrave together

With the frame assembled and the joints firmly stuck together, lift the completed frame into position around the window, again making sure it aligns with your pencil markings. When you are happy with the positioning of the window frame, use a nail gun to fix the frame into position on your wall.

Architrave window frame nailed

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