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Modern Skirting Board Ideas

Published : 26/11/2018 14:27:46
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If you’re planning to decorate your room in a contemporary style and need modern skirting boards that will complement the overall look, this blog post will help you decide which skirting board is right for your project.

Characteristics of Modern Skirting Board

Generally speaking, there are a specific set of characteristics that determine whether or not a particular skirting board will work well in a modern interior:

 1. Profile Design.

Probably the most important thing to consider is the profile design- the way the skirting board has been moulded. There is a huge range of skirting board profiles to choose from, but for a contemporary look, you will want to initially focus on skirting boards that have very minimal detailing to see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Asmara 5 modern skirting board

Asmara 5 contemporary skirting board

Modern skirting asmara 5

Asmara 5 skirting board pictured above is a popular modern skirting board design that is available from Skirting 4 U.

modern skirting board chamfer

modern skirting boards edge

Chamfer skirting board is very commonly used and for good reason- the way it tapers towards the top edge creates very clean lines, a feature of modern interiors.

modern skirting edge

Edge skirting board is similar to a chamfer, and particularly suited to smaller heights.

roux modern skirting board

modern skirting boards roux

contemporary skirting boards roux

Roux skirting board is one of the most popular modern skirting boards available today. This profile is exclusive to Skirting 4 U and looks great in contemporary spaces.

modern stepped skirting board

Stepped skirting board although strictly more of an art-deco style, is becoming the profile of choice for an increasing number of customers looking for a modern skirting board design for their home.

modern skirting board ripple 2

Ripple 2 skirting board looks great in this modern interior, photographed by one of our recent customers.

modern skirting board roux

Roux skirting board shown here in a lovely image sent in by a Skirting 4 U customer, is a really stylish accent to a modern interior.

modern skirting board

Edge skirting board again at a smaller height looks great in this modern kitchen/diner.

Grooved profiles are very on trend right now, and the most popular modern skirting board by far is Square Groove, which has the added advantage of allowing you to seamlessly transition from skirting board to architrave and create a continuous groove around the perimeter of the floor and doorway(s).

 modern edge groove skirting board

Edge Groove skirting board

edge groove modern skirting board

Edge Groove skirting board

edge groove 2 modern skirting board

Edge Groove 2 skirting board

square groove skirting boards modern

Square Groove skirting board

modern square groove skirting board

Square Groove skirting board

contemporary skirting square groove

Square Groove skirting board

square groove 2 modern skirting boards

Square Groove 2 skirting board

modern skirting boards square groove 2

Square Groove 2 skirting board

modern skirting board room shot

Edge Groove 2 skirting board

contemporary skirting boards room view

Edge Groove 2 skirting board

modern skirting board photo of room

Edge Groove 2 skirting board

The perfect modern skirting board needs to balance minimal design (in order to create the clean lines that draw the eye to the farthest point and create the illusion of space) and a bit of character in the design to make it visually appealing without being too bold or overpowering.

square groove 2 modern skirting

Square Groove 2 skirting board

modern skirting board square groove 2

Square Groove 2 skirting board

2. Skirting Board Size.

Modern skirting boards tend to be much smaller than their more traditional or grandiose counterparts in period homes. This is influenced in part because newer buildings tend to have smaller rooms, both in area and overall height.

small skirting board

Chamfer skirting board

With lower ceilings, newer properties tend to benefit from smaller skirting boards because they help keep the proportions of the room in sync. Naturally, being smaller in height means that the overall thickness of modern skirting boards is also relatively small so as not to appear bulky.

 medium modern skirting board height

Roux skirting board

The ‘standard’ size of a skirting board is 120mm high x 18mm thick, and we would recommend sticking to these dimensions as a maximum for most modern interiors. 70mm x 15mm is probably about as small as you can go before the skirting board becomes an unusual feature, or simply looks like an oversized, incorrectly proportioned beading.


3. Colour

We have spoken about adding colour to skirting boards before on the blog, but it is worth addressing again as it pertains specifically to contemporary interiors.

If by ‘contemporary interior’ you are thinking along the lines of minimalism, then white is really the only way to go. It is classic, clean and slick and is without doubt the best solution.

Bullnose Groove modern skirting board

Bullnose Groove skirting board

Bullnose Groove skirting board

Bullnose Groove skirting board

white modern skirting board

Chamfer skirting board


Edge Groove skirting board

white roux modern skirting board

Roux skirting board

However, if you are looking at adopting current trends then it is worth noting that grey skirting boards and architrave are rapidly rising in popularity as more and more people look to move away from standard white for their accent pieces.

Stepped Skirting Board Modern

Grey Stepped skirting board

grey stepped skirting board

Grey Stepped skirting board


Grey Square Groove 2 skirting board

grey skirting board square groove 2

Metalic silver Square Groove 2 skirting board

Again, as a general statement, darker colours tend to be better alternatives to white than other lighter colours, but it really depends on what you plan to put into the room because almost anything can be made to work!

brown modern skirting board

Bullnose Groove 2 


Breaking the Rules- Making a Statement!


As with almost anything with interior design, rules are there to be broken. A great way to create a modern look is by ignoring everything we have just written and doing the complete opposite to make something unique and bold that will stand out and garner attention. Oversized, colourful skirting boards might just be the perfect way to finish your room off in style- it all comes down to personal preference in the end!

To experiment with different possibilities, be sure to take advantage of our samples service to get a feel for which style of modern skirting board is right for you. Standard samples are free (just pay postage), and we can also manufacture custom-made samples to your exact specification for a small charge, which will be refunded to you should you place an order with us.

If you would like any further help or guidance relating to modern skirting boards or anything else skirting board related, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help you!


Browse the full range of modern skirting boards here.

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