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Should Moisture Resistant MDF Skirting Boards Have a Green Core?

Published : 22/06/2016 14:23:55
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The MDF we use here at Skirting 4 U is industrial grade (the perfect density for forming mouldings) and moisture resistant. Although the MDF specification is exactly the same for all of our products, anything cut from a 3050mm sheet has a green coloured core whereas anything cut from a 4200mm sheet does not. This has been known to cause some confusion for some of our customers so this post explains why this is the case.

MDF products have been adapted over time to suit the needs of the end users (such as ourselves). The majority of 8 x 4 and 10 x 4 sheets are used in the building trade, and the green dye is used so that MR and standard grade can be easily identified. The 4200mm lengths are predominantly used in the manufacture of MDF mouldings (skirting and architrave), and about 10 years ago, at the request of the industry, the green dye was no longer put into the larger boards because manufacturers found that it was taking a lot of paint to cover the green colour, which increased production costs.

The green dye that is added to MR MDF is purely for identification purposes and has no moisture-resisting properties itself. The resistance to moisture comes from the resin that is used to bond the wood fibres together during the manufacture of the MDF sheets, which differs from that used in standard grade MDF.

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