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Why are Bullnose skirting boards so popular?

Published : 4/07/2017 10:29:30
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Before I started working at Skirting 4 U, I never really thought too much about skirting board or architrave (I didn’t even know what architrave was). They just seem to be something I needed to apply that horrible sticky gloss paint to during the decorating process.

Skirting board is not only seen as a protective measure for walls but also part of the interior design scheme. Therefore, we’ve seen an increased demand for different designs rather than the traditional bullnose look.

standard bullnose skirting board

Caption: Standard Bullnose skirting board found throughout many homes and businesses.

Why are Bullnose skirting boards so popular?

There are three main reasons why Bullnose skirting board is so popular:

Restricted choice

Manufacturing one design of skirting board is a lot cheaper and cost-effective than making multiple different styles. As skirting boards weren’t seen as key interior design pieces, demand for creative profiles was low. Therefore, it didn’t make sense to create multiple different options.

Simple Design

The Bullnose style is minimal and the curved design works well with most interiors. This also makes it easier for the homeowner to clean as there are no grooves or additional indents where it can gather dust. For the safety conscious amongst us, there are also no sharp corners which could cause harm to children.

Easy for builders to work with

To complete a good skirting board fit, the lengths need to be scribed to fit them together as neatly as possible. Using a simple profile like bullnose helps make this process a lot easier and reduces the time it takes to complete the fit. This makes the design a cost-effective solution when fitting out multiple buildings.

What does the future hold for the bullnose skirting board design?

Manufacturers like us offer a greater choice of styles for skirting board, this is due to the demand of designers looking for bold new ways to bring rooms alive. Modern designs such as Square Groove, Stepped and Bullnose Groove 2 is becoming increasingly popular.

Bullnose skirting board is still a top-selling style, however, more and more people are becoming adventurous with their choices.

Skirting 4 U Bullnose

Caption: Bullnose skirting board primed manufactured by Skirting 4 U

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Kieron Miller is the Managing Director of Skirting 4 U and has been working in the skirting board and online retail industry since 2012. Kieron has been using his extensive product knowledge and problem-solving experience to help both trade and private consumers all over the country find the perfect skirting board products for their projects. He continues to innovate new solutions and product ideas as the market continues to grow.

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