Grooved Skirting Boards

Grooved skirting boards are very much in fashion at this point in time, and their popularity in the UK is ever-increasing. At Skirting 4 U, we offer a range of skirting boards that feature either a single or double groove. These have been brought together in one group to allow you to easily choose the perfect grooved skirting board for your project. The most popular grooved skirting boards are the square edge- Square Groove 1 and 2.

As a guide, skirting boards that feature a double groove are generally ordered at a slightly larger overall height than those with a single groove. Single grooved skirting tends to be ordered at heights ranging from 70mm-145mm, with the double groove profiles tending to be in the 120-170mm range. It goes without saying that this is subject to personal preference and the particulars of the room in which the skirting boards are to be installed.

Primed MDF Skirting Board

The groove(s) in the skirting board require special attention when applying a coat of primer. We recommend ordering grooved skirting boards pre-primed by us because the primer is hand sprayed which results in excellent coverage. If you choose to prime the skirting board yourself, it is important to pay attention to the inside of the groove because if this is not properly sealed with an undercoat before applying a paint finish the MDF can flare up- resulting in a finish of substandard quality.

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