Minnie-Rose Rosette

Our Minnie-Rose rosette is a classic style designed with more traditional interiors in mind.

Generally, the use of plinth blocks and rosettes to accent a door surround is associated with older-style or period interiors. The circular detail in the Minnie-Rose rosette is a very classic design and is a graceful accent to the overall styling of the door surround.

Typically, rosettes are installed slightly wider than the architrave and also slightly thicker. Therefore, if you have opted for 25mm x 95mm architrave, the most suitable rosette size would be 115mm x 30mm. Rosettes can also be installed at the same width as the architrave, depending on personal taste.

In addition to the stylistic advantages of installing rosettes, they also offer functional benefits. By choosing to install a rosette it is no longer necessary to cut mitre joints when installing architrave, making the process quicker and easier.

  • 80mm x 80mm
  • 115mm x 115mm
£ 0.00 tax excl.

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