mdf architrave

Looking to fit new architrave on your doors?

MDF Architrave is now the most popular architrave for doors and windows, because there are no imperfections (like knots or splinters) that are found in natural wood materials. This makes MDF architrave easy to install and very cost-effective. Not to mention it looks great!


Find Your Perfect Architrave Here!

We have a huge range of architraves available to suit any interior style. All our architrave is now available pre-finished in white satin or gloss, so they arrive ready to install. We also offer an unrivalled range of widths and thicknesses so you can be sure that the architrave you order looks perfect in your room.


Architrave Lengths Vs Sets

Our architraves are available to order in lengths and sets. A single architrave set consists of two upright pieces for the sides of the door at 2440mm and one ‘header’ or ‘crossbar’ for the top of the door at 1220mm. This gives you plenty of architrave for one complete door face.

Double sets are the same as sets in that you get 2 uprights at 2440mm, but the crossbar is also 2440mm. This gives enough architrave for a standard double-width door. A double architrave set is for a double width door, rather than being two sides of a standard width door.

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  • Our Victorian architrave design is manufactured to sympathetically replicate a popular interior moulding design from the Victorian period (1837-1901). Typically, period mouldings are larger than modern alternatives, and the Victorian architrave is well suited to 95mm width and 25mm thickness. We recommend using a gloss finish on this architrave style as...

  • Windsor architrave is one of our more exclusive profiles. It is popular because it incorporates the most advantageous traits of both plain and detailed or period styles in one design. Being slightly larger at 65mm overall, the Windsor architrave appears very elegant and uncluttered, yet bold- as the detailing is used as more of an accent than a feature....

Showing 37 - 38 of 38 items