• Roux is a skirting board design that is exclusive to Skirting 4 U. Since it was added to our range it has been consistently popular with both trade and private customers. The roux was designed in response to an increasing demand for simple profiles that aren’t too complex, but also not as plain as some of the more standard profiles like bullnose or...

  • Ogee Skirting Board has really stood the test of time and remains a firm favourite. Of all the designs that are considered ‘staples’ within the construction industry, the Ogee stands out for its sweeping curved profile. Ogee skirting board is decorative without being over the top. It is a perfect skirting design to use in both modern and traditional...

  • Square skirting board continues to be hugely popular with both private and trade buyers. The clean lines it creates are suited to any interior and is particularly easy to paint and install. The main advantage of square skirting is that it can be cut to any height. Because there is no profile, this can be installed at any height without compromising on the...

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  • Manufactured from hi-spec moisture resistant MDF, our window boards are both durable and elegant in equal measure. Customise the dimensions of your window board using the options below. We now offer window boards fully finished in white gloss or satin paint along with the option of adding a ‘tongue’ so that your window board arrives ready to install.

  • Square Groove 2 architrave is by far and away the most popular modern profile in our range. It is a very tidy, uncluttered design that is a great way to finish off a modern or minimalist interior. An excellent feature of the square groove 2 profile is that the grooves can be mitred in with matching skirting to create a continuous double groove from the...

  • Stepped architrave is a visually striking design that is a great choice if you are looking for something different and highly stylised. The stepped design lends itself well to thicker architraves of around 25mm, as the gradual steps help to mask the overall thickness and stop it from looking too bulky upon installation. If you are looking to install...

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  • The Edge MDF Plinth Block is designed to create an elegant transition between your skirting board and architrave. The plinth block is fitted at the base of the architrave to ensure a tidy join where the skirting boards and architrave meet. For the best results, we recommend ordering plinth blocks that are 10mm taller than the skirting and 20mm wider than...


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The chances are you’ve been left frustrated by the lack of options available at big-name DIY retailers. A lot of time and energy goes into crafting an interior space, so why settle for their “one size fits all” attitude towards the finishing touches for your room?

At Skirting4u, you can choose from a huge range of over 30 designs, and customise each one to your own exacting specification. You can alter the height, thickness and finish of each of our skirting boards depending on your requirements.

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Flawless, hand-sprayed finishes in satin or gloss available on all skirting and architrave.

Painting skirting boards is one of those jobs that nobody enjoys. You can get a professional painter to do the job, but this will really add to the cost of your project. By ordering from Skirting4u, you can bypass all the hassle and cost and get your skirting boards hand sprayed by one of our in-house paint technicians.

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Skirting 4 U are a leading supplier of MDF skirting boards, architraves and window boards. Everything is manufactured to order in our Birmingham workshop and shipped to trade and private customers all over the UK.

We have delighted thousands of customers with our products and impeccable customer service. Our reviews speak for themselves so be sure to have a read through so you know you can buy from us with confidence.

Our sales team is on hand to offer any help and advice you may need. During office hours (08:30-17:00 Monday-Friday) they can be contacted via the live chat facility or by phone. Outside of office hours you can send your query to enquiries@skirting4u.co.uk