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  • The Complete Buying Guide To Architrave
    The Complete Buying Guide To Architrave

    An architrave is an interior moulding that is fitted around a doorframe or a window. They allow you to hide messy door joints or rough surfaces by acting as trim where the joints meet the walls or floor.  Architraves are typically available in a wide range of materials and finishes, most commonly MDF and Solid Oak, as well as styles such as traditional or modern. Read our complete guide to buying architrave

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  • Choosing The Right Skirting Board Height
    Choosing The Right Skirting Board Height

    When it comes to shopping for skirting boards there are so many different elements to consider. Here at Skirting 4 U we want to ensure that all of our customers are free to have the skirting board design and style they want in their home without compromise. We therefore offer customisable options on our skirting board styles for you to choose your required height, depth, overall length and finish. If you are someone that is new to the world of skirting boards such a wide choice of options...

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  • Can you re-use skirting
    Can you re-use skirting

    Skirting board and architrave can be reused if it is in good condition and doesn’t get damaged when it is removed from the walls. We have put together a helpful guide on how to remove skirting boards and a video tutorial if you needed a little help on how best to do this.  

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  • Is Architrave The Same As Skirting
    Is Architrave The Same As Skirting

    There are similarities between skirting boards and architrave as products, but they aren’t EXACTLY the same, and serve different purposes. Skirting board is designed to be fitted around the perimeter of a room, fixed to the wall where it meets the floor. Architrave, however, is generally much thinner than skirting board and is fitted around doors where the (most likely wooden) door frame meets the plaster.

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  • What Is The Point Of A Skirting Board
    What Is The Point Of A Skirting Board

    The main function of a skirting board is to protect walls from damage. Walls are particularly vulnerable to knocks and scuffs around their base as people in the home go about their daily lives. Skirting boards act as a barrier that stops plaster being cracked or broken.

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  • Architrave Sets Explained
    Architrave Sets Explained

    One frequent cause of confusion for people coming to our website centres around what an ‘architrave set’ is and what the difference is between single and double sets.

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  • Three Great Reasons to Choose MDF Skirting Boards & Architrave
    Three Great Reasons to Choose MDF Skirting Boards & Architrave

    Although traditionally made from hardwood, the most popular material for skirting boards and architrave today is MDF. In this blog we examine the advantages of MDF skirting boards and architrave over other real wood alternatives. Less likely to warp or crack The foremost advantage of using MDF is that it is a man-made material, which means it won’t be at risk of warping or cracking as the temperature and moisture content in the surrounding atmosphere varies. Real woods react to the...

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  • What is Architrave and How is it Used?
    What is Architrave and How is it Used?

    Architrave is a common household feature. However, for most of us, it is something that is often hidden right in plain sight. Although we see it in our houses on a daily basis, not many of us can actually define what architrave really is, let alone understand how, and why, it’s used. Caption: Bullnose Architrave In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about architrave how it can be used around your home: What is Architrave? Architrave is a form of interior...

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  • Skirting Board Finishes Explained
    Skirting Board Finishes Explained

    Skirting 4 U offer an unprimed or primed finish on their products- this article explores the features and benefits o both options.

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  • Are MDF Skirting Boards Suitable for the Bathroom?
    Are MDF Skirting Boards Suitable for the Bathroom?

    One question we get asked a lot is whether the MDF skirting boards and architrave we produce can be used in bathrooms. The difference between a bathroom and other rooms in the house is the moisture content in the air, and this creates a fear that the skirting boards will get damaged somehow or become a breeding ground for mould. Ovolo Architrave Whilst we cannot definitively answer this question for all MDF skirting boards, we can for all products that we produce. This is because there...

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