Plain MDF Skirting Boards 

Our range of plain skirting boards include profiles like Bullnose, Chamfer and Square Edge. The advantage of this particular skirting board style is the clean line and uncluttered finish they add to your room. Plain skirting board profiles are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. It is worth considering a more durable, plain style in high traffic areas of your home to minimise the impact of ‘wear and tear’ over time.

Plain skirting boards can accommodate pipe and cable rebates in a smaller overall height than more detailed or decorative skirting, meaning they can be more cost effective as they use less material to produce.

Plain MDF skirting boards can work in almost any interior. Profiles like Chamfer and Bullnose are used extensively throughout the construction industry because of their versatility. Bullnose skirting board is an all-time best seller at Skirting 4 U, and we also manufacture a Mini Bullnose profile (sometimes referred to as ‘pencil round’) which is a variation of bullnose with a smaller radius.

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