Skirt4U 330 Pine Skirting Board

Skirt4U 330 Pine Skirting Board

Our 330 skirting board brings together the best elements of our 327 and 324 profiles into a ‘hybrid’ design that is as versatile as it is stylish.

The 330 skirting board incorporates the same level of detail as more traditional or period mouldings, yet retains the bold styling typically associated with more modern profiles. This fusion of style means that this skirting board lends itself well to a wide range of interiors.

This is a real wood pine skirting board, manufactured from sustainably sourced finger-joint engineered redwood pine.

Please note the profile detail remains the same size (53mm) regardless of the height you choose- as the height increases, so does the size of the ‘flat’ section beneath the detail.

The main cover image shows the S4U 330 skirting board at 119mm high and 18mm thick, which are the 'standard' dimensions for a pine skirting board. 


This product is manufactured to order, and available for UK-wide delivery 5 working days after the order is placed. You can select a delivery date that works for you from the calendar during the checkout process.

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