Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board
Ripple MDF Skirting Board

Ripple MDF Skirting Board

Our Ripple skirting board is very different to almost all other skirting in our range (except Ripple 2!). It is perfect for those who want something very different to the norm.

The bold styling of the Ripple design makes it a great addition to a modern interior. The fact that it isn’t a very complex design means it lends itself to schemes that incorporate different moulding designs for the architrave and skirting board.

Please note the profile detail remains the same size (42mm) regardless of the height you choose- as the height increases, so does the size of the ‘flat’ section beneath the detail.

The main cover image shows the Riple skirting board at 120mm high and 18mm thick, which are the 'standard' dimensions for a skirting board. 

This product is manufactured to order, and available for UK-wide delivery within 2 working days (EXPRESS DELIVERY) or 5 working days (STANDARD DELIVERY). You can select a delivery date that best works for you from the calendar in the checkout process.


Got a question about this product? Be sure to visit our FAQ PAGE or contact us for more information!

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Our Ripple MDF Skirting Board is manufactured from premium grade, Moisture Resistant MDF. This material is used extensively throughout the construction and interior design industries because of its durability and versatility.

We have found that this grade of MDF is perfect for Skirting Board and architrave. The hard-wearing nature of the MDF means our products will maintain condition for a long time after installation. Because it is such an easy material to work with (it won’t splinter or crack like some pine or timber products) it makes fitting your skirting board as quick and stress-free as possible.

The Ripple profile is produced in our factory based in the West Midlands using our best- in- class spindle moulders to achieve a superior moulding detail. We are confident that our products will withstand even the closest scrutiny, and actively encourage our customers to order a sample so that they can instantly see that the products we produce are of the highest possible quality.

Use the options below to tailor the mdf skirting board to the specification you require. We can cut to any size, and can also undertake a whole variety of bespoke requests. If you do not see what you are looking for on this page, please get in touch as there is every chance we will be able to meet your needs!

Rebate Information

You can customise this product by requesting a rebate- a small cut out section to allow pipes or cables to run behind your skirting board.

A cable rebate is 20mm high, and a pipe rebate is 40mm high as standard. Custom rebate heights can be done, so if you require a different rebate height please contact us to ensure it is possible.

The depth of any rebate is determined by the overall thickness of the board you have chosen from the available options. We leave 6mm of MDF when creating rebates to ensure the product remains stable and not likely to break. Therefore, the rebate depths are as follows:


On 15mm MDF - 9mm Rebate Depth

On 18mm MDF - 12mm Rebate Depth

On 25mm MDF - 19mm Rebate Depth

On 30mm MDF - 24mm Rebate Depth


More information about rebates can be found on our REBATE EXPLANATION PAGE or you can contact us directly to have your questions answered by our knowledgeable team.



Product available in 12 different heights ranging from 70mm to 400mm
Product available in 3050mm & 4200mm lengths
Product available in 15mm, 18mm & 25mm depths
No white primer applied. Product will require priming and a final paint finish
Sanded and primed twice. Product requires final paint finish
Cable Rebate
MDF 9.5mm x 20mm
Pipe Rebate
MDF 12mm x 40mm

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