DIY Jacobean wall panelling
Shaker style wall panelling in a bedroom.
DIY Jacobean wall panelling
Shaker style wall panelling in a bedroom.

MDF Wall Panelling Strips

Wall panelling is the on-trend way of adding character to your living space. The most popular styles right now are Jacobean and Shaker wall panelling, which are both easily created from strips of MDF. Here at Skirting 4 U, we have some high quality MDF wall panelling kits that will allow you to revitalise your interior. Save time and hassle by ordering the MDF panelling strips you need to get the look you want, cut to size, primed and delivered to you ready to install!

Decorative MDF panelling strips are a great way to add texture and traditional style to your interior. If you’re looking to modernise your indoor space, we would recommend looking at Geometric Wall Panelling.

Our MDF wall panelling strips are supplied in 3050mm lengths, in 9mm or 12mm thick MDF and the width of your choice.

Depth (Thickness)
VAT excluded

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MDF panels are a must-have for anyone seeking to introduce a stylish finishing touch to their home. MDF is a great choice of material for wall panelling due to its affordability, moisture-resistant properties and user-friendly installation, with our MDF wall panelling strips boasting a flawless finish, sturdy load-bearing capabilities and effortless maintenance. These cut-to-size strips are the perfect fit for adorning your bedroom, adding flair to hallways or enhancing the look of your living room.

Shaker Wall Panels

The versatility of MDF panels means that you can achieve an array of designs within your space. Particularly popular is a shaker-style look. Shaker panelling offers an affordable solution to add a distinctive touch of character to your property in a flash.

With its clean and simple lines, the shaker style wall panelling exudes timeless elegance that perfectly complements Arts & Crafts-style homes. Made from MDF, our shaker wall panels can be customised to suit any design, height and width you desire. Its versatile simplicity makes it suitable for any room, seamlessly blending into your existing décor. Whether you're looking to panel an entire room or create an eye-catching feature, shaker style wall panelling provides the ideal canvas.

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