Modern Architrave 

We offer several styles of contemporary architrave that perfectly compliment a modern interior design scheme. 

Architrave with a simple design is hugely popular right now- especially those profiles that feature a groove. In the past, architrave would be slightly thicker than the skirting board in order to mask any imperfections where the two mouldings come together. However, the modern look is to have the architrave the same thickness as the skirting board. By opting for a grooved architrave at the same thickness as the skirting, it is possible to align the grooves so that it forms one continuous line from the skirting around the door.

One advantage of ordering a less detailed, contemporary architrave profile is that it can be cut thinner than the standard 70mm. We now offer many of our more modern architrave styles in 50mm and 60mm, which again is something that is becoming more prominent in contemporary interior design. 

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